Job Shadowing Kate Atwood, CEO of the Arby’s Foundation, by Kendall Hampton

I am Kendall Hampton, freshman at Connections Academy in Atlanta. I began to know New Look during the later part of my 8th grade year at Brown Middle School when they came to my school to tell us about themselves. While there, it was kind of like a pep rally as they got us excited to know what was really behind them coming to our school. They told us they were a non-profit founded by Usher helping kids and teens like us get the skills and connections we need to succeed in the career of our choice, and the rest is history!

2014-Arbys Job Shadow-Kendall Hampton and Kate Atwood (2)My career goal is to get to a position where I can positively affect a large amount of people with the things I say and do. This is found in a lot of careers, so I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet. I also have a side passion to get into game design.  My goals education wise would be a degree in computer engineering, computer programming, game design, or psychology. I would like to pursue these degrees, because I feel that these will help in my secondary career choice as well as the primary.

On my job shadowing with Ms. Atwood, President of the Arby’s Foundation, we walked around, I shook a lot of hands, ate food, talked, went to a presentation, and had fun, but most importantly, I learned about all the work behind running a non-profit organization. There is a lot that goes into feeding kids across America, much more than I thought there was before the job shadowing. This job shadowing really opened my eyes about the behind the scenes work of not only running a non-profit, but running any business. I will use what I learned from my day with Ms. Atwood in whichever career pathway I choose in the future. Thank you Arby’s Foundation and Usher’s New Look for this opportunity.