Job Shadowing Laura Castillo at Castle Painting by Alexandria Evans

Atlanta Academy youth, Alexandria Evans, is a 9th grader at Drew High School. Her passions are for fashion and design. Alexandria is a young entrepreneur and currently has her own clothing design company, which she runs through her personal social media pages. Alexandria hopes to study design in college and one day have her own business. Check out her blog story below on job shadowing at Castle Painting and Remodeling!

Castle Painting was the first job shadowing I have gone to, and I can say it was not what I expected; it was even better! Job shadowing at Laura and Miguel Castillo, owners of Castle Painting, taught me how to get my business started, mange my money, have a good environment when I work, and have a career that I love. They inspired me to do big things and work hard. They made me think in ways I have not before. Without knowing these things, I would not have taken my career pathway in the right direction. To be successful in your job, you must do all these things. At Castle Painting, they did all these things and even more.

Laura and Miguel Castillo work hard at what they do for a living. First they taught me how start my business by starting with a goal and planning things out in a business plan. They also taught me how mange my money by investing and spending less money on things I don’t need. Next, they showed me how they love each other and have good environment, which makes their business flourish even more. The Castillo’s really inspired me to get a job I love, because if I don’t I will be stressed out later on and unhappy. These are some helpful tips to have and take advantage of. They inspired me even more to work towards my future. I am thankful and grateful I met them because they have made a difference in my life. I hope I get chance  to work with them again. Thank you New Look and Castle Painting!2014-Castle Painting Job Shadow-Laura Castillo with Alexandria Evans and Que-J Brown-2