Job Shadowing Tkeban Jahannes, E-Communications Manager, at Atlanta City Hall by Terez Chapman!

Terez Chapman is an 11th grader at Grady High School and member of the Atlanta New Look Academy. She has a passion for writing, speaking, and spoken-word poetry. She plans to study biology and science in college and pursue a career in marine biology or forensic science. Read below about her experience job shadowing in the Film and Entertainment Office at The City of Atlanta!

My experience job shadowing at City Hall was an eye opening one. The rainy morning was a sign that the day would be very interesting. Upon arrival to City Hall, we were broken up into designated groups and assigned to employees who most matched up with our interests and career paths. Being a science oriented person I was slightly discouraged. I just wasn’t sure how much my interest would be peaked. That was until I met Mr. Tkeban X. T. Jahannes.

2014-City of Atlanta Job Shadow-Terez and Tkeban Jahannes

Mr. Jahannes is the E-Communications Manager. This means that he deals with the news releases, media advisers, and works closely with public information office. When I asked him what a typical day for him is like, what happens when he wakes up?  He responded, “I roll over and check my computer. Before I get to work, I would have answered over 2,000 emails, so I’m always busy and never bored.” During my time with Mr. Tkeban, his warm and friendly personality poured through his body language. As we talked and I soaked up everything he shared with me, we never sat down for ten minutes because there was always someone needing his assistance. He left with me three of his mottos that he lives by. “Blessed are the flexible ‘cause they are never bent out outta shape”, “Don’t get ready, stay ready”, and a quote by Edward Arrow, “Treat every star like a common man, and every common man like a star”.

Overall, I found the resonating factor between Mr. Tkeban and I to be that we both have the desire to make the world a better place through a series of actions that ultimately create one major domino effect. I am grateful for this exposure and will continue to use what I learned in all aspects of my life.

~~Terez Chapman