‘My Experience with the Les Twins’ by Justin Milner, 11th Grader, UNL New York

Check out this cool update from Justin Milner, an 11th grade UNL New York Leadership Academy student from Brooklyn, NY. In this blog, Justin shares a recent spark-starting experience when he got to meet his favorite dancers, the Les Twins! Way to go Justin. We are proud of your confidence and ability to network and find opportunities that will help get you closer to your dream!

“I discovered my spark when I was young, around 3 years old. I love dancing. My long term goal is to be a well-known dancer and make a name or myself. I do this by networking with professional dancers who inspire me and attending workshops to help take my craft to the next level. April 28th, 2017 was the day my dream came true. I finally got to meet the duo I have idolized since I was young, the Les Twins, both Larry and Laurent.  It was the best night of my life. I told my mom about the twins coming to NY, because we both follow the twins. Next thing I know, my mom shows me four tickets to the workshop for my whole family. The day of the workshop I left school to change and go to the Jamaica Art Center in Queens. I got to meet a whole lot of nice people who were there for the same reason I was. The environment was great and I felt welcomed. We called each other the dancing family. When the twins came out, I felt nothing but goosebumps on my arms. They are the nicest people you can ever chill with. They are funny (especially Laurent), loving, and they will make sure that you are the best you can be. I’m not going to lie, the choreography was hard, but I ended up learning and getting it. We danced to ‘Reminder’ by The Weeknd. I got a chance to also freestyle with them as well. I would love to go again for sure. Overall, this experience made me more confident when it comes to dancing in front of people, and taught me how to be more creative.’

Check out this video of Justin at the workshop!

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