Kids from Low-Income Communities Aren’t Getting an Education that Gives Them Choices in Life

teacher and student2Think back on your education. Is there one particular teacher who stands out? Maybe it’s several. Did they help you become the person you are today? Did they shape the way you thought about the world? Did they make sure you overcame, or were #BIGGERTHAN, your obstacles? Now, how about a “bad” teacher? Was there a teacher who made you feel like giving up? Who didn’t seem to care about you or your future? These are the two kinds of teachers we never forget.

A teacher can change your entire school experience and your perception of learning, which is why Usher’s New Look is partnering with Teach For America to help find more great teachers who will use their passion to change the face of education. Better teachers means more options for youth and better futures for us all! If you know someone who has the potential to become someone’s next favorite teacher, have them check out this video and apply for Teach for America here! Don’t wait. The deadline to apply is 10/24