Leadership 101 at the New Look New York Academy!

James Harris is a New Look alumni and today works as the Atlanta & New York program coordinator. Check out this recap from his adventure to New York  for their Leadership Academy session last week!

Last week at the NY Leadership Academy, we went over leadership 101. The word of the day was impact.20140227_180617

The youth got a chance to learn more about how talent and creativity can be the beginning of great leadership in careers, community and school. We watched and discussed the Ucast Episode 9 where Usher spoke about his  ‘I Can’t but You Can’ voter registration drive. This showed the youth how Usher used his platform as an artist to make an impact in the voting community. It also showed that youth can make an impact despite them not being able to vote themselves. By signing people up, they can still have a voice.

We followed up with a leadership activity. Each student was assigned a partner and given a post-it note with the name of famous leader. Next, each person had to act out the leader on their card without using words while their partner had to guess who was it. The group really enjoyed this! I asked them what they thought of first when they had to act out the leader. The answers ranged from physical characteristics, talents, and famous moments in time. This activity showed the youth how the impact you make on the world can resonate with people in positive or negative ways.

We ended the Academy Session by reflecting on 10 people we perceive to be leaders. Together we listed their skill sets, passions, and the type of impact they left on the world. Overall, this session inspired our youth leaders to think about how they are working to leave a positive legacy in their communities and throughout the world.