Leaders are not Born, but are Made

Usher’s New Look is helping youth define their brand, their passions or sparks and their skills, so that they can lead and empower others to succeed.

Some characteristics are purely part of our DNA and are determined long before we make a showing in this world – the color of our eyes, for instance. And while some new research suggests that genes also play an important role of developing our character traits, human beings have the ability to greatly influence our ability to be leaders.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Leaders are not born but are made.” And it’s true! There are varying opinions about what makes a great leader, but Usher’s New Look feels that everyone has unique talents and gifts that contribute to their ability to be a leader. Great leaders:

  • Inhibit a unique gift or talent.
  • Cultivate and master that gift/talent into a valuable skill or profession
  • Upon reaching mastery, use the gift/talent to influence the world.

What matters most is how you use your own talent as a spark for greatness! Ask yourself what you’re really good at or passionate about. The answer may take you in some exciting directions.