Virgil Roberts


Virgil Roberts is currently the managing partner of Bobbitt & Roberts, a law firm which he helped form. Mr. Roberts is also the co-creator of UCLA’s African American Studies Center. Mr. Roberts has a background in the entertainment industry as he previously formed the law firm of Manning & Roberts, which represented a number of entertainment clients primarily from the recording industry and he once served as president of Solar Records. Mr. Roberts has given many lectures and speeches to lawyers and law students interested in the entertainment industry. He has participated in panel discussions for such organizations as the National Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters, the Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers Association, the National Association of Securities Professionals, and the American Law Institute. Currently, Mr. Roberts is a member of the Audit Committee of Broadway Federal Bank, he also serves as Trustee of the James Irvine Foundation; Trustee and Audit Committee member of the Claremont Graduate School; Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Bridgespan Group; Chairman of Families In Schools; Director of Southern California Public Radio, the Community Foundation Land Trust, the Fedco Foundation, Community Build, and the Alliance for College Ready Public Schools. In recognition of his philanthropic work, Mr. Roberts was honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Los Angeles Chapter with the 2011 Spirit of Philanthropy Award.