Meet Mary-Pat Hector, New Look Atlanta Leadership Academy Youth

At age 14, Mary-Pat Hector joined New Look after attending our 2011 World Leadership Conference. She was chosen to attend for her outstanding community involvement with other service organizations, including Youth in Action, a program she founded when she was only 10 years old that mobilized young people across the country to take a stand on issues like bullying, gun-violence and drugs, as well as for her leadership role as the youth spokesperson for Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. Since the moment she became involved with Usher’s New Look, there was no question that Mary-Pat would become one of our most standout, Powered by Service all-star youth leaders. A force to be reckoned with, Mary-Pat Hector is one of the most dynamic young people you will ever meet. She is vocal about issues that effect her community, especially other young people. She travels an average of 4,000 miles a month speaking at high schools, colleges, conferences, woman’s events, and crisis shelters across the U.S. Recently, she planned and organized peaceful protests for hundreds of people, young and old, in Atlanta against racism and police brutality. However, her greatest achievement to date is the anti-gun violence campaign she created, ‘Think Twice’, a movement that uses alarming statistics and graphic images about gun violence to encourage young people to say no to using guns. Last year, ‘Think Twice’ was awarded a $50k grant from Peace First, a national nonprofit dedicated to teaching peacemaking skills to young people. This passion is what earned Mary-Pat New Look’s 2014 Global Youth Leadership Award.

Mary-Pat speaks to Obama about Youth Issues- July 2014

Mary-Pat stands with President Barack Obama after being one of only a few youth leaders invited to the White House to discuss the state of youth in America.

More about ‘Think Twice’

On June 5, 2014, UNL Atlanta youth, Mary-Pat, decided to take a leap of faith and use 9,000.00 of her college savings to buy billboards across Atlanta to support her ‘Think Twice’ anti-gun violence initiative, which encourages, educates, and inspires her peers to Think Twice before using a gun to commit violence.

“Think Twice” is a national shock ad campaign I created to encourage my peers to think twice before committing acts of violence. The “Think Twice” campaign was established in February 2013 to address violence among young people from different backgrounds between the ages of 11 and 24. I started Think Twice because I was tired of attending more funerals than graduations. I knew in order to fix the problem it would have to take some out of the box and edgy thinking to fix the issue of violence in this country.”



This just in! MARY-PAT has been featured by MTV NEWS! Click below to read the article.

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