Meet Our New Board Member, Christina Smedley of Facebook!

Christina Smedley is the Director of Communications for Facebook Messenger App and the newest addition to our Board of Directors. Before that, she was the VP of Global Brand & Communications at PayPal. With such awesome jobs and experience, we had to get her advice to others on how to start their “spark”. Check it out below!

How do you define “spark”?

“Spark can be anything, but I think about it as the individual special thing all of us have that if discovered and nurtured can enable us as individuals to impact the world. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning talent but is more how we put our passion to use.”
How would you describe your specific spark? What is it?

“My spark is a life long curiosity for all new things. I love trying to get people to use,  experience and be a part of new technologies that change every day life. It’s why I joined Amazon – to change retail; PayPal – to change money; and now Facebook Messenger…”
How did you discover your spark? What’s your advice for people trying to find their spark?

“Find great teachers and mentors. Read everything you can get your hands on.”