Meet Phildelphia’s Philanthropic Fashionista, Maricella Ramos

Hi! My name is Maricella Ramos. I am freshman college student at Philadelphia University majoring in fashion merchandising and marketing. I joined the Usher’s New Look Moguls in Training program this year, after my mom and I won a trip to New Look’s United to Ignite Awards fundraising event through We got to meet Usher and learned a lot about the program. Then, the New Look staff invited me to apply to the college leadership program called Moguls in Training.

ElbieAnconaPhoto UNL Sweet 16 S-R 7-23-33 Chideo Giovanna Maricella

I define spark as something you are passionate about; Something that when you are doing it is an escape to you. It just never feels like work. My spark is fashion, but not just fashion. It’s also the artistic elements behind fashion. One of my favorite things about fashion is the creativity and expression that goes into even the simplest garment. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by fashion. I had a notebook where I would draw my own designs. Over the years it developed into something I aspired to turn into a career.

12331833_421229924740655_51119752_nI am currently working on an exciting project in one of my classes called Global Fashion Insight. The project is to create our own fashion company and it’s something we’ve been developing since the very first day of classes. My group and I created a company called Flannel and Fleece. We repurpose used flannels and sweatshirts into jackets that are composed of the vest of a flannel and the hood and sleeves of a sweatshirt. We sold out of them at Philadelphia University’s annual Popup Shop on December 2nd.


My other spark is service and giving back. All of the proceeds from Flannel and Fleece go to a wonderful charity called ChemoClothes, which funds cancer-related nonprofit organizations, plans educational and therapeutic programs and helps local families in need. This project has been a great advocate in helping me towards my personal and bigger goals. I’ve learned so much through the course and project that applies to industry and possible jobs in my future. All around its been an amazing experience.


In the near future, I hope to get an internship in the field of Merchandising or Visual Merchandising, given that as of now this is where I’m looking into having my career in. It would be a dream to be able to intern for Urban Outfitters, Free People, or even Aerie!