‘Landing My Own Internship at GE Houston’ by Milwaukee MIT, Angellic Ross

New Look Milwaukee MIT Angellic Ross, an upcoming Junior at Northwestern University, is on her A-game! This summer she landed an internship at our partner GE’s Houston facility all on her own! Check out this blog below from Angellic on how she went about landing the internship and what the experience meant to her.

10490076_10204073296171091_4679684050784840518_o-2My experience as an Integration Communications Intern at GE Oil & Gas was truly amazing. When I first got my offer letter and saw that I would be in Houston, I was excited and scared. I didn’t know anyone in the city and it was far from home. Although the process of getting to Houston was hard, I’m so glad I pushed through or I would’ve missed out on the learning and growth that I’ve experienced this summer.

Last year I had the opportunity to intern at GE Healthcare, so I came into my internship at GE Oil & Gas with a little knowledge about the company. I was able to use the video skills I learned last summer on my first assignment. I also knew there were areas I wanted to grow in such as learning more about GE products and services, taking advantage of my resources, and extending myself to the rest of the team. Last summer I only worked in community relations with one person, which I enjoyed, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone this summer. I’ve definitely hit on all of my growth areas through my various assignments.

One of my biggest projects was redesigning a portion of a website to make it more user-friendly and informative for customers. It was challenging at first because I didn’t know much about Oil & Gas, its products, and customers. Rather than let that hinder me, I sought out the appropriate resources and people so that I could learn this information. We were able to update a few things on the website and lay the groundwork for what the new design would look like. Another fun project I got to work on was co-leading communications for the Hispanic Forum Scholarship Gala. I really enjoyed this because I’m very passionate about community issues and I love planning community –specific events. For this I came up with a communications plan, social media for the night, talking points for one of the speakers, briefing documents for the emcee, and technical and dialogue scripts. I was able to apply my skills I learned from Lead2Change, New Look, my sorority, and my internship last summer, which was great!  Some of my other projects included co-leading a tradeshow, web chat analyses and transcriptions, gathering information for the Family Day scavenger hunt creating newsletters for workers, and updating information for a product guide. Although it could be challenging, it was beneficial and eye-opening to see how communications works in an integration of two businesses. I was able to contribute greatly to the team and I got great feedback at the end of the summer. Additionally, throughout the summer I set-up informational interviews with communicators across the business to get advice and a better idea about the roles of communicators.

My various tasks allowed me to get a holistic view of what a communicator in the company does. I also feel more confident and comfortable with asking questions and presenting ideas.  I truly got to step out of my comfort zone both professionally and personally to grow as a person. I hope to use this growth to be a better of my sorority’s chapter and better serve my community on and off campus.

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