Milwaukee MIT, Angellic Ross, Receives Summer TV Production Internship with ABC Family!

Angellic Ross joined New Look’s Milwaukee Chapter when she was a Junior in High School. Today, she is a Junior in college at Northwestern University majoring in Performance Studies. She will be the first in her immediate family to graduate from college!  Angellic’s career goal is to “leave a mark on the arts”. While she wants to act, she also wants to start her own TV/Film production company that will focus on putting more minorities on and off the screen. Under that, she plans to have a non-profit arts program that will develop young actors and filmmakers. Angellic is passionate about the effects popular culture has on youth identity and development. She’s making strides towards her goals with a new summer internship! Check it out below–

“This summer I’m looking forward to interning at ABC Family in Burbank! I’ll be working as a Production Manager which pretty much means I help oversee the production budget and schedule. I’m super excited and can’t wait to learn a lot!”