Milwaukee Summerfest with Usher and the UNL Board of Directors by Jakayla Dills

The New Look Milwaukee Chapter was reunited with board members, youth leaders, and advisors for fun in the sun at Summerfest. Everyone gathered there for a meet and greet with Usher Raymond, the man who keeps us motivated to keep giving and pushing us to do our best. We were all able to come together to network, greet new members to the family and enjoy a concert live in Milwaukee. There’s bad things happening everywhere in the world, but it sure feels great when we highlight the positivity that is happening in Milwaukee. This event helped all students who are apart of the New Look program think bigger in terms of our future because we were surrounded by so much support. Beyond the New Look family, students of the foundation were introduced to other interns within Milwaukee which made it a more fun, social networking environment. This is only progression for bigger and better things to happen in Milwaukee. Expect greatness because we never give up!!

-Jakayla Dills