UNL Milwaukee “Starts the Spark” with Career Day at AT&T!

At Usher’s New Look, we believe exposure and awareness are the keys to discovering new “sparks”, or passions. Spark discovery is how we get youth thinking towards their personal career pathways and what their journey map to success and leadership will look like. This month, we provided career exploration days for UNL Leadership Academy youth (high school students) in each of our chapter cities. Atlanta students got to see an inside look at careers in government and politics by visiting the Georgia State Capitol and participating in a mock legislature session. In Detroit, students visited the offices of Accenture, a global leader in technology consulting, and learned about the college process, personal branding, and how to ace an interview. In New York, students went to Facebook’s office to check out the various career pathways associated with the social media platform. UNL Milwaukee ended the career exposure month on a high note with their trip to AT&T!

Students from Milwaukee’s High School of the Arts and Golda Mier participated in the career day at AT&T in Milwaukee, which featured professionals from all aspects of AT&T’s day to day operations and other guests from the Milwaukee area. First, students heard from Dextra Hadnot, Director of AT&T Government and External Affairs, and Percy Eddie, Usher’s New Look Milwaukee Program Coordinator. Dextra talked about education, his professional career and the impact technology is having on careers of the future.

2016-Milwaukee ATT Career Day- Dextra and Percy 2

Next, the students met Jason Fields, a former state legislator, who welcomed students and spoke about career and importance of getting an education.

2016-Milwaukee ATT Career Day- (4)

Verlencer Jones, of AT&T U-Verse, took students on a tour of U-Verse call center, where they learned more about careers in technology and customer service. The students found out that call center employees at AT&T start at $35 an hour and have the opportunity to get reimbursement for their education.

2016-Milwaukee ATT Career Day- (11)

AT&T Wireless Retail Sales Manager, Nathan Fricke, discussed work in wireless retail environment and demoed wireless handsets.

2016-Milwaukee ATT Career Day- (10)

UNL students definitely got a “New Look” on careers through this exposure day. Thank you Dextra and AT&T for being Powered by Service and making this possible for our students.


2016-Milwaukee ATT Career Day- Group 1