MIT Update! New Look Milwaukee Angellic Ross, Northwestern University

Angellic Ross joined New Look’s Milwaukee Chapter when she was a Junior in High School. Today, she is a Junior in College at Northwestern University majoring in Performance Studies. Angellic continues to amaze us as a stand out Mogul in Training, excelling in New Look’s four pillars of Talent, Education, Career and Service. Check out her update blog below!

2013- China trip- Angellic and gongI think the best part of my quarter so far is that I’ve been able to take a second and breathe. This may sound a little weird, so let me explain. Last year at this time, in addition to taking classes, I worked two jobs and was Assistant Director for a professor’s show. I would wake up at around 8 or 9 am and get home around 9 pm.  I would do homework and respond to emails until around 3 or 4, sometimes 5 in the morning. Then, I would do it all again the next day. My schedule has been some variation of this since I was a junior in high school. Although this work method has gotten me many experiences and accomplishments that I’m very proud of, I have also realized that being emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy are equally important. It’s vital to get enough sleep, eat full meals, and take time to de-stress. This quarter I’m learning an important method that all young adults should learn: how to be successful and work hard without compromising your physical/spiritual/mental well-being.

Although I’ve been breathing, I’ve still been working. I absolutely love being a Mogul in Training, it keeps me on my toes and motivates me to keep pushing for success while giving me the tools to do so. I’ve had the great opportunity to travel to Shanghai and speak about the experience at the 2013 President’s Circle Luncheon. These experiences gave me the opportunity to network, opened the doors to an internship at General Electric in Houston, and inspired me to aspire for great things for myself and my community.

final1In addition to MIT, I’m President of my sorority’s chapter on campus; we’re busy preparing for our auction to raise funds for our annual scholarship. This year, I was recognized as both the Great Lakes Region and State of Illinois Undergraduate Soror of the Year. I’m also leading communications for our 5 Year Centennial countdown and our Centennial celebration which will occur in 2020.

The thing I’m most excited about is being selected as Miss Black Wisconsin USA 2015! This will give me the platform to advocate and contribute to a cause I’m really passionate about: encouraging young women of color to participate in film and television. I hope to target this by hosting discussions with future filmmakers and women of color and hosting career exploration workshops for youth throughout the state. In addition to fundraising money to cover campaign fees, I’m also raising money for a scholarship to give to a senior from my high school who’s interested in a career in these fields.

If you’d like to support Angellic’s rockstar initiatives, please vote for her to win the People’s Choice Award at Miss Black USA Nationals