MIT Update: UNL Detroit’s Myles Harlan is Killing It at Vanderbilt!

Myles Harlan joined New Look in the 9th grade. Today, he is finishing his Sophomore year of college at Vanderbilt. When Myles joined New Look, he was pretty shy and kids at his school bullied him for his talent of playing the oboe. Once he was in our program, he was able to embrace his talent in a supportive environment and make friends with like-minded young leaders. At our 2012 World Leadership Conference, he played Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ in front a huge crowd of UNL students, sponsors and friends. From there, his confidence soared and he became unstoppable! Now he is studying Oboe Performance and Economic Studies at Vanderbilt and one day, he hopes to play backup for some of the biggest artists. He’s definitely not your traditional oboist. His unique personality and style are allowing him to connect classical and pop music in a way that only he could succeed at.  We are blown away by how far Myles has come in the four pillars of Talent, Education, Career & Service. Check out some of his recent accomplishments. You’ll be blown away too!

Masterworks Festival Orchestra Program: I was accepted to the Masterworks Festival Orchestra Program  as an oboist by applying and sending in an audition tape! It will be an intensive two weeks where I will work with and be coached by professional classical musicians and work towards broadening my education and career in orchestral experience by performing standard orchestral repertoire and chamber music.

Myles Photo 2GRAMMY Awards Viewing Party – Nashville: I was invited to the GRAMMY Awards Viewing Party in Nashville by the GRAMMY Foundation, as I am a GRAMMY member. The experience was absolutely amazing and I was able to interact with several agents and artist development professionals who are also GRAMMY members. Attending the GRAMMY Awards Viewing Party definitely solidified that I am called to pursue music as my way of connecting with and encouraging others, and I am looking forward to the future!

Creative Genius Nomination: I was nominated by my peers at Vanderbilt University for the Creative Genius Award based on my talent and contributions as a Vanderbilt student. Being nominated for the award is a true blessing, and it’s an absolute honor to be acknowledged by my peers and be placed against the other amazingly talented individuals in my category. It is completely humbling, and I cannot wait to perform at the award ceremony and find out the results on March 14th; however either way it goes, it is a true blessing!

SCENE & HEARD Fashion Show 2015: The Greatest Show On Earth: On March 15th I will be opening up the Scene & Heard Fashion Show of 2015 with Beyoncé’s “Haunted,” after auditioning and being chosen to be the opener! I am so excited, and once again, completely humbled! The Vanderbilt Public Relations Society, which I just became a member of this semester, puts on a fashion show every year in support of a non-profit organization! This year the Vanderbilt Public Relations Society has partnered with Clothe My Children, which is a non-profit organization that clothes families and is based in Knoxville, TN; all proceeds made at the fashion show will be donated to Clothe My Children in support of clothing more families and making an even larger impact. I am so excited to use my talent to give back to children and families.

DTE Energy: I have been invited back to DTE Energy to complete a summer internship once again. Interning at DTE Energy will provide me with work experience that will be beneficial for my second major, Pre-Law!

I am thankful for these opportunities and blessings as they provide me an avenue to be successful, educated and give back to the community, families, and organizations.