Mogul Monday: Meet Malik Manmoham

In August of 2016, Malik Manmoham, a student of the New Look New York Chapter since 7th grade, started his first semester at Florida A&M University. The first in his family to go to college, his parents, both immigrants, were extremely proud. However, due to financial circumstances they couldn’t be with him to embark on this exciting new journey in his life. 1,100 miles away, in a new place, not knowing a single soul, Malik still didn’t have a worry on his mind, because he knew being a part of Usher’s New Look, he had family everywhere. New Look made a few phone calls, and once Malik arrived in Tallahassee, he was greeted by a warm, loving family who welcomed him as if he was their own. From dorm room shopping to showing him the ins-and-outs of college, his new mentors made sure Malik’s only concern was to focus on his academics and believe in himself.

Malik’s story demonstrates how New Look’s leadership training has prepared him for college.  Due to the exposure provided through New Look, Malik found his spark while working on a community garden project in conjunction with the NYPD. He is majoring in agricultural business and minoring in economics, while maintaining a strong GPA.  Upon graduation, his goal is to start his own nonprofit that will go into third-world countries and teach economic empowerment and sustainability.

In Malik’s own words,

“Frankly, I don’t know where I would be without my New Look family. New Look has allowed me to gain access to many of the opportunities that I have now. I’ve been empowered to believe in myself and taught me that service is the greatest thing you could possibly do.”

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