New Look Spark Center Hosts Music Careers Workshop for Atlanta Students

New Look helps high school students enter whichever career pathway matches their spark, or passion. From science and technology, to business and the arts, students are free to choose whatever “sparks” them. For many students, this is music and entertainment. However, most students do not know the multitude of careers available to them to be able to work in and around the music industry. Unfortunately, not everyone can be the next greatest singer or rapper, which is why New Look recently presented a workshop at Morehouse College to give Atlanta high school students a “new look” at the behind the scenes careers available to them in the music industry. Spark-starter volunteers from a variety of career pathways shared their personal stories and coached students on the skills needed to get into their positions. Each presented a workshop in a different room, and students rotated around in small groups. Workshops provided included,

  • Fundamentals of DJ’ing by DJ Black Magic2016-spark-careers-workshop-october-1
  • Dance Choreography by UNL alum, Lisa ‘Hollywood’ Rozier


  • Music Production by Craig King and Leslie Brathwaite


  • Music Journalism by Chris Daniels


  • Graphic Design by UNL alum, Fez SB and T’challa


One lucky student, Steve Mieller Chery, received a free app design from New Look partner, Chimera Innovations. They will help him create an app for his music, as he is an up and coming producer.