Musician Gwen Hughes Hosts Benefit Concerts for UNL in Atlanta and NY

Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away.” At New Look, we help teens identify their SPARK, or gift, and turn it into a greater purpose by using it to give back to the world. It’s incredible to meet adults who believe in this way of thinking too! From offering job shadows and internships, to acting as mentors and volunteers, these are the kind of people who make the exposure we provide possible. One such person is singer-songwriter, Gwen Hughes.

Gwen was introduced to us by one of our incredible board members. After learning more about our mission of developing the next generation of global leaders, she came to us with the idea of hosting two concerts, one in Atlanta and one in New York, with proceeds to benefit the organization. She wanted use her own spark to make a difference; Exactly what we teach our students at New Look.

But Gwen also wanted to take it a step further and have the shows double as exposure opportunities for some of our students. UNL Atlanta Academy Senior, Skye Moham, and Jasmine Pollard, a UNL alum, both singer-songwriters, would get to sing background at both of the shows! The girls had a great time and it was Skye’s first time performing a real show. Read what the opportunity meant to them personally below:


“It was amazing to get to work with such a beautiful spirit. The experience of traveling to perform a show outside of my home state was so cool and rewarding to me. I am blessed to have met Gwen and she definitely has inspired me to keep following my dreams.” -Jasmine Pollard, UNL Alum

“Getting to perform with Gwen Hughes was a moment that I will never forget! Being on stage with her was such an amazing experience.” -Skye Moham, UNL Atlanta High School Senior

Thank you, Gwen for being a Spark-Starter! Interested in using your spark to give back to New Look students? Email us!!

Gwen Hughes