‘My Day Job Shadowing Arby’s CEO, Paul Brown’ by Zhane Simpkins

Hello my name is Zhane Simpkins. I am a junior in acting conservatory at Tri Cities High School, in Atlanta. I am seventeen years old. I became involved in New Look because of my brother. I used to go to New Look meetings with my brother, who was already in the program. While waiting on him, I was so engaged and wanted to participate so badly that I decided to join myself! My passions are acting and community service. I have over 200 service hours. My college goal is to graduate from Spelman College with a bachelor’s degree in acting and theater.

2014-Arbys Job Shadow-Zhane Simpkins and Paul BrownRecently, New Look provided me with the opportunity to job shadow the CEO of Arby’s, Paul Brown. Job shadowing with Paul was a definite once in a lifetime experience. With Paul, I was able to sit in meetings and understand that everyone has a role, and in order to be successful as a group everyone needs to play their role. Watching Paul’s actions was  inspiring. He was thoughtful and generous, and he has great character for a person of such high caliber. I can apply what I learned from Paul in my daily life. He has great confidence, which is something I would like to emulate myself. He was generous and thoughtful enough to let me come shadow him. Everyone at the Arby’s Corporation office was so kind and giving towards me. I’m forever grateful for such an amazing time. Thank-you Arby’s and New Look so much!

2014-Arbys Job Shadow-Zhane Simpkins with Pharrell Hat

Zhane tries on the famous Pharrell Williams hat during her job shadow at Arby’s Headquarters in Atlanta.