Myles Harlan is #BIGGERTHAN bullying

In middle school, Myles was bullied for playing the oboe. He struggled with confidence until a pivotal year when his band instructor told him he should join Usher’s New Look. New Look taught Myles to embrace his talent of playing the oboe, and now he is a student at Vanderbilt on his way to becoming a world renowned oboist! Today, Myles’ confidence is through the roof! The past two summers, he has interned at DTE Energy and scored an opportunity to attend an International Conference for oboists at NYU!  Check out his update below.
photo3 “From August 3rd to August 9th 2014, I had the opportunity to attend the International Double Reed Society Conference at NYU – the conference connects Oboists and Bassoonists on an international scale. I received this opportunity through auditioning. I attended recitals, met, interacted and learned from world renown professional oboists on concepts, such as stage presence, reed-making, continuous employment, and personal branding. As well as performed in an Oboe trio and a Double Reed Ensemble (an ensemble comprised of oboists and bassoonists) during one of the Conference’s recitals. Attending the International Double Reed Society Conference was very inspiring, and has definitely enhanced my career as an up-and-coming oboist.”
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