New Leader Alert! Meet Milwaukee Academy Youth Angela Soto

Angela Soto just joined New Look’s Milwaukee chapter this year. She is a freshman at Golda Mier High School and is already excelling in our Four Pillars: Talent, Education, Career, and Service. Her talent is helping others and she’s decided to pursue a career in the medical field. Angela is well on her way to achieving this goal with her incredible academic achievements. Check them out below!

“In the month of January I accomplished many things. January was the month in which exams took place. I studied hard for my exams and as a result I got A’s on all of my exams. January was also the month when grades closed for the first semester. Because I got A’s in my advanced classes, those increased my GPA and my cumulative GPA at the end of the first semester was a 4.1. My class ranking out of 143 students was number 3!”

In addition to Talent, Education and Career, Angela is focused on using service to give back. Last week she and her peers passed out lunches to homeless people in the Milwaukee community. Read More here!