New Look Atlanta 9th Grader, Khori Angel, Launches Her Own Make Up Business!

Khori Angel 2

Khori, a freshman in high school from Atlanta, poses with her box of tinted lip balms and lip sticks, which she created herself from scratch.

This year, Usher’s New Look Atlanta 9th grade Leadership Academy student, Khori Angel, accidentally discovered her passion for doing theatrical makeup and her personal brand of one day becoming a renowned makeup artist in the film and entertainment industry. Specifically, Khori has a unique talent for doing zombie and horror special effects makeup. Her talent is creating looks that appear disturbingly real. Khori stumbled upon this talent while she was doing a school science experiment with liquid latex. Now, her latest discovery is her ability to make her own makeup! Without any instruction, Khori developed her own recipe for making tinted lip balms and lipsticks using coconut oil, color pigments and her home refrigerator. Khori told us, “Just like the liquid latex experiment, I was just playing around with ingredients and after a few tries, I came up with how to make them.” She purchased lipstick and lip balm containers for her products and has been selling them to her peers each Saturday at the Atlanta Leadership Academy. We bought one and it’s one of the best lip balms we’ve ever tried! After she graduates high school, Khori plans to attend the Aveda Institute in Atlanta for makeup school.

Congratulations Khori on your new business! Keep following your passion, you are one talented individual!