New Look Atlanta Alum, Penny Nyokabi, Reflects on her New Look Journey

My name is Penny Nyokabi and I am a UNL alumni. I just completed Usher’s New Look Moguls in Training Program and graduated from Georgia State University with my Master’s in Taxation.

I was introduced to New Look in 2010 when I attended the Usher’s New Look World Leadership Conference.

Since I joined New Look, I have experienced a wide array of opportunities surrounding the organization’s four pillars: talent, education, career and service.  In addition to training other youth, serving my community, connecting with leaders in various industries and recognizing my talents, I had the opportunity to intern at GE and most recently with PwC. This allowed me to develop as a young professional, solidify my career path and acquire necessary skills to succeed in the corporate world. Thanks to New Look, I was able to capitalize on my internship opportunity and was offered full time employment with PwC where I will begin working in the Fall.

Furthermore, New Look afforded me the opportunity of traveling to South Africa to train other youth. This trip was an awesome experience. I was able to immerse myself in a different culture and gain a different perspective of the world all while making a positive impact on the lives of others.

These are just a few examples of the countless opportunities I’ve been afforded to develop as a person as a result of my affiliation with Usher’s New Look. This organization has provided me a tremendous amount of support as I pursue my dreams. Finally, it has instilled in me the importance of using my gifts to give back.

Thank you.