New Look Atlanta’s GE Interns Say Farewell

Defining a career pathway can be stressful for a young person. Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start, and we get that. While the national unemployment rate for adults is at 6.1%, the average national unemployment rate for youth between the ages of 18 and 34 is at 9%. For African American youth, it is much higher at 16.7%, compared with white youth who are at 7.6% (BLS). New Look connects youth with internship and job shadow opportunities to make them CAREER ready!

Friday was our New Look Atlanta summer interns’ last day and awards ceremony at General Electric! Our six interns, including UNL alums, Malia Murray and Rashad Cain, and MITs, Jack Lovern, Avery Bryant, Brandon Hamilton and Vanecia Thompson, gathered with their internship supervisors and other GE and New Look staff at headquarters to celebrate a job well done. The interns began by presenting individually on their greatest challenges and successes. After each presentation, internship supervisors provided feedback and presented awards to their interns.

2014-GE Summer Interns-Vanecia

Vanecia Presents on her internship in GE’s Grid IQ Center

During lunch together, we all watched this video produced by the interns themselves as a thank you to GE and New Look for providing them with the internship opportunity.

It is amazing how much can be learned in just one summer of hands on experience!

Check out these quotes below to hear more of what our interns had to say about getting the opportunity to intern at GE:2014-GE Summer Interns-Jack and Managers

  • “I learned a few things that are harder to measure but I think will be very valuable to me in my future career. For one, I got a detailed, up-close look at a few different financial jobs at GE. I learned what a financial analyst, controller, and CFO does on a day to day basis. It was very helpful in considering what area of finance I wanted to work in. In addition, I had to give a decent amount of presentations during my internship. This strengthened my skill in designing PowerPoints and public speaking, something that I really wanted to get better at doing. I also felt like I strengthened my professional network and gained many new contacts.” -Jack Lovern, New Look MIT
  • “During my internship, I learned about the experiences of many other GE EM employees! That was very helpful for me when making decisions for my career! I’ve learned that it’s important to do what you are passionate it, research your career/passion thoroughly, and always work to improve yourself! It’s also great to surround yourself with peers who are bettering themselves AND adults who live by these same principles! It’s also important to READ about things that are currently happening in your field. I take time every day to just read articles and blogs about what’s happening in technology, digital marketing, social media, and the world! It’s important to stay current on all of these topics (especially when planning an editorial calendar)!” -Malia Murray, New Look MIT
  • 2014-GE Summer Interns-Malia and manager“Thanks to New Look, each MIT has been involved with the AAF group. This gives all the MIT’s an individual mentor. My mentor is Felicia, who has become my greatest networking source here. Since she sat on the same floor, only a few cubicles down from me, which allowed me to use Felicia as an unlimited source. I could walk over and ask any question that needs to be answered at any time. Felicia helped me with everything, whether dealing with the internship or not. She provided great advice on how to adjust to the GE work place, and did great with assisting me in finding the answers to all my questions. Talking with Felicia, I have realized how much help she is outside of the internship. She gave me advice and recommendations for school and advised me on how I should approach my college education and which classes I should take this semester. Also, she told me how to plan and be prepared for the next three years.” -Avery Bryant, New Look MIT

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