New Look Fashion Designer Spotlight: Franchesca G. Lamarre, Detroit, 12th grade

New Look teaches youth to discover what they’re passionate about early on and then work hard to apply that specific interest to their education & future careers paths. Franchesca, a senior from Detroit New Look, is embracing her passion for fashion. Get to know her below!
A Design by Franchesca Lamarre

A Design by Franchesca Lamarre

Meet Franchesca! 

My name is Franchesca G Lamarre. I am a senior  from Detroit, Michigan attending Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies. I became apart of Usher’s New Look because I wanted to pursue my passions among a supportive peer group and impact a mass of people with my ideas.
Passion For Fashion
My passion for fashion developed through my exploration of art. I understood my place as an artist and fell in love with the human form. It allows me to project my ideas in real life motion. I have designed numerous pieces, varying from ready to wear, to haute couture men’s and women’s fashion. I have directed and styled photoshoots with garments I’ve made.
The piece is entitled TIME KEEPER .. To make it I used the schedule from the fashion classes I took over the summer. I got it reprinted at a recycling company and wanted to show repetitive deign through process— As time is a repetitive and inevitable measure.
'Time Keeper' 2
My Inspiration
My favorite designer is Jean Paul Gaultier. I admire his provocativeness and his freedom to push the boundaries of fashion through shape, race, and sexuality.


My Future
I’ve interned under Dana Keaton, a well known Michigan fashion designer and my very close mentor for 2 years. I’ve also taken college classes at the College for Creative Studies and Pratt Institute. I plan to attend Pratt institute, FIT , or SAIC this fall for fashion design and fine arts ( illustration).  My dream is to someday have my own fashion house, producing and selling my designs. Also, I would love to work as an editor of a top industry magazine, seeing as there are not many editors of African American heritage.