New Look Inspires Educators at Dropout Conference in Atlanta

In a country where 1 million youth will fail to graduate from high school, Usher’s New Look prides itself in having 100% graduation rates for all youth involved in our programs. This week, we’re getting involved with the National Dropout Prevention Network Conference in hopes of inspiring others to strive for this statistic. On Sunday, Nov. 3, New Look’s Youth Leaders will be sharing with educators one ingredient of our ‘secret sauce’ for graduation rate success – our Powered by Service (PBS) training. PBS is New Look’s innovative approach to education, which uses peer-to-peer led engagement to showcase how service leadership can be practical and tangible for young people. We meet kids where they are in order to get them moving forward!

Teachers participating at the conference will receive practical instruction on engaging youth in service learning and will learn how to empower their students to create change in their communities. Teachers will learn firsthand about the New Look methodology , which creates stronger, more open relationships between students and teachers, all while providing a vehicle for youth to exercise their voice. By putting youth in the driver’s seat to use their own unique talents and passions to create change within their communities, we can inspire them to stay in school.

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, Shawn Wilson, President of Usher’s New Look, will serve as the keynote speaker at the conference closing luncheon highlighting New Look’s ‘Theory of Change’. He will lead a panel discussion among youth, entertainment and education partners on what happens when the worlds of technology and pop culture collide with education – as New Look goes digital!

We’re excited. Aren’t you? Stay tuned for more info after the conference.

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