New York Powered by Service: 4 Schools: 1 Week: 257 Students

May 4, 2015, we kicked off our national Powered by Service tour by taking over four Brooklyn middle schools in one week! Program Strategy Manager, James Harris, Atlanta Coordinator, Tommy Springer and Mogul in Training Students, Larnell Ellison, Brandon Hamilton, and Rashad Cain facilitated full-day peer to peer leadership trainings at P.S. 266, P.S. 282, Gateway Middle School and Susan A. McKinney School of the Arts. Check out our Brooklyn Powered by Service quotes and photos below.

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“Usher’s New Look made me look at success in a couple different ways today and for that I am thankful.” -Diamond Ballou, 8th Grader, P.S 266 Middle School

“What you guys do is impressive. This is something bigger than me, and I want to be a part of that something bigger than me.” -Ryan Myers, 8th Grader, Gateway Middle School

“I can honestly say I can see a difference in myself just from spending the day together.” -Javon Capers, 8th grader, Susan A. McKinney School of the Arts

Check out UNL Georgia State Mogul in Training, Brandon Hamilton’s recap of our training at Gateway Middle School below:

“The cafeteria was filled with classes of students on a hot New York day, nevertheless there was plenty of energy and enthusiasm from both students and trainers. The training started by demonstrating the importance of networking. Following this, trainers explained to the youth how the Personal Spark assessment was conducted. In the mist of explaining and expressing some of the trainers’ talents, several youth were empowered to get up and express talents of their own. Teachers and staff smiled and laughed happily as they watched several students showcase their musical abilities. Following the ‘mini-expressions’ moment, the remaining training activities went smoothly and ended with an awesome group shot of all the youth and trainers just outside the school’s parking deck. Students said their goodbye’s and thanked the UNL trainers for coming to show them a good time as well as what it means to truly be a leader in their communities.”