Official Press Release: Usher’s New Look Launches the UNL Spark Center!

UNL creates a physical space to provide Atlanta teens with technology, tools and training

Atlanta, GA, July 7- Usher’s New Look, an organization focused on developing global youth leaders, found that 88% of students feel they don’t have a safe space for experiential learning. That insight led to the creation and launch of the UNL Spark Center — a place where high school youth canlearn, create and innovate. The UNL Spark Center will open this fall in Midtown, Atlanta, GA

The UNL Spark Center is a natural extension of one of UNL’s core concepts: everyone has a spark, and if they can nurture it and build on it, it can drive their leadership potential.

“At the core, our organization has always been about identifying an individual’s spark, their unique talent or attribute that can give them confidence, differentiate them from the rest, and be a part of their path to success,” said New Look’s founder, Usher Raymond IV. “It’s with this important mission in mind that we have decided to embark on the next phase of New Look and launch the UNL Spark Center.”

Phase 1 of the UNL Spark Center encompasses:
THE HANGAR: A training space for UNL Academy, Music 101, ACT/SAT prep, speakers, tutoring, mentoring and more.

THE SPARK TANK: An incubator for testing new concepts, contemplating issues and developing culturally relevant solutions.

STUDIO B4: A green screen room for videographers, photographers and digital content creators.

THE UNL CAFE: A social gathering hub for foodies. A place for students to create, taste and test new culinary creations.

THE GAME LOFT: A space for interactive design, testing of games and apps, hackathons and other mind building competitions.

Current partners including General Electric, Microsoft, Comcast, TV One and private donors have helped with initial technology needs and build out costs. The Spark Center is still looking for supporters and community partners, and will be hosting two events: On July 12th from 5-7pm, UNL will host an exclusive preview event to secure funding to finalize the first phase of the UNL Spark Center build-out. On September 14th, UNL will host its annual fundraiser, The Start the Spark Experience.

“New sparks can lead to potential career paths,” states UNL’s Global Ambassador of Youth James “Dewey” Harris. “As a leader, you have to know your spark. We put this together because we believe in you.”

3 Ways You Can Help #StartTheSpark

  1. For additional information on how to become a sponsor of the Spark Center, or to secure tickets to the September Spark Center Experience, email
  2. Make a small donation to help building supplies and interior decor, here.
  3. Help us spread awareness by sharing a post on social media about the UNL Spark Center, such as the video below! #StartTheSPARK