UNL Trains 500 Atlanta Students in Powered by Service

Over the course of three training days, March 14-17, Usher’s New Look trained and certified nearly 500 Atlanta Public School students in Powered by Service! UNL’s partner SunTrust sponsored the first two days of trainings at Therrell and the New Schools at Carver. Arby’s sponsored Day 3 at Douglass High School. UNL peer trainers flew in from N.Y, Detroit and Milwaukee. Read the recaps from our unstoppable peer trainers below!

2016-Atlanta Powered by Service Week-Therrell (2)

Monday 3/14/16 Therrell High School

by UNL Mogul in Training, Ammon Lyle (Howard University)

Enthusiasm, excitement, and energy surged throughout the audience as 200 students from Therrell High School, located in Atlanta, Georgia, gathered in the auditorium Monday, March 14th 2016. The youth were full of joy as they screamed and chanted along with representatives from SunTrust Bank, Usher’s New Look Chief Operating Officer—Gavin McGuire, and Usher’s New Look President—Yvette Cook. The youth were led by trainers who originate from several cities, including—Milwaukee, Detroit, New York and Atlanta. The session day began with the word of the day, determination, and an introduction of the history of Usher’s New Look.

2016-Atlanta Powered by Service Week- (32)

James Harris shares his story of how he got into Usher’s New Look and became a UNL staff member with Atlanta Powered by Service students.

The students were extremely engaged as James Harris shared his story about how he was introduced to Usher’s New Look. He explained to the students that they are “Fully in control of their destiny.” Afterwards, student were given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents for a New Look tradition called Expressions.  Once expressions concluded, we began organizing the 200 students into small groups to teach the Powered by Service Leadership curriculum.

2016-Atlanta Powered by Service Week-Students in Computer Lab Therrell

The students were divided into groups to participate in activities and discussions in the workshops: Networking 101, Personal Sparks Assessment, Leadership 101, Branding 101, and Exploding the Issue.  We also had the opportunity to hear from SunTrust representatives about Financial Literacy and practice budgeting. The day concluded with the importance of the students identifying their passions, and another opportunity for students to participate in Expressions

My favorite quote I heard today was this,

“Usher’s New Look is not afraid to come and listen to us. They love us, they care about us, and everybody else is scared to help.” -Elijah Hemmings

2016-Atlanta Powered by Service Week- SunTrust and students Therrell

SunTrust employees help students understand how to be financially successful. Students put together mock budgets for their future adult lives.

Tuesday, 3/15/16 The New Schools at Carver

By Monique Willoughby, UNL New York Leadership Academy Youth

Today, on the 15th of March, UNL facilitated the PBS with over 20 trainers and the SunTrust staff at Washington Carver High School in Atlanta, Georgia. Students were extremely lively, energized and interested. The students were greeted by an array of trainers from all over; Trainers from New York, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. During this time the word of the day was given and that was “Determination”. Students were actively listening to The Story of James Harris, seeing, hearing, and understanding things from his point of view. Students also had the opportunity to train in financial literacy with our SunTrust partners.

Today, we trained roughly over 150 students. After the introduction students were broken off into different groups. In the groups trainers covered the topics of Networking, Branding, Leadership, Personal Sparks, and Exploding the issue. At the end of the day, the students participated in expressions and competed for prizes based on there knowledge of UNL.

2016-Atlanta Powered by Service Week- (27)

Douglass students fill the auditorium excited for Usher’s edgy leadership program to be taking over their school for the day.

Wednesday, 3/16/16, Douglass High School

By UNL Atlanta Mogul in Training, Kamera Cobb (Georgia State)

On Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Usher’s New Look presented their Powered By Service youth leadership training, sponsored by Arby’s, to 140 students of Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta, Georgia. The morning began with students and trainers in the schools auditorium getting to know one another by playing ice breakers in intimate groups. Before the students were separated into their training rooms the New Look trainers conducted a session of Expressions. Expressions is a New Look tradition that allows students and trainers to share their unique gifts and talents for music, poetry, art, etc. with one another.

Once the students were separated into their classrooms, they were engaged with curriculum surrounding important Networking tools, effective and ineffective leadership styles and characteristics, personal branding and community outreach. The students were excited to realize their leadership abilities and to find their “spark”. Trainers used collaborative teaching styles requiring feedback and student interaction which engaged students and kept them interested in the session.

2016-Atlanta Powered by Service Week-Exploding the Issue

A Powered by Service student Explodes the Issue of Genocide. The branches are the effects and the roots are the solution. To change it, we have to first fix the roots.

Before the end of the day, students and trainers met back in the main auditorium were students were offered a chance to recap lessons from the day and win prizes. The day ended with a final session of Expressions and a group photo featuring the trainers and students in their Powered By Service t-shirts.