Powered by Service Dominican Republic Trip: Day 7

By Sequoia Mitchell

Sequoia joined the UNL Detroit Leadership Academy in 2011. Today, she is a Mogul in Training and a rising  junior at Wayne State University.

HOLA! I have spent my last night in the Dominican Republic, it has been life changing.

Our last day started with a two hour drive to Santiago, Dominican Republic. The first stop was a tour of the chocolate factory, El Sendero del Cacao. El Sendero del Cacao is home to Kah Kow chocolate. During this tour, we learned a lot and ate good. El Sendero del Cacao consist of 14,000 cacao trees in the cacao plantation. There are three types of cacao trees: criollo , forastero, and trinitario (a product of criollo and forastero). Cacao trees live forever; however, the longer the tree lives then the less it produces. During this trip, we were able to witness the two ways to make chocolate and make our own chocolate bar.


The second stop was to the Hermanas Mirabal Museum. The Mirabal Sisters were four Dominican sisters who spoke out against the dictator Rafael Trujillo and his regime. Being able to see how these four sisters lived and some of their most prized possessions was amazing. As a result of the Mirabal sisters bringing awareness to the immorality of Rafael Trujillo, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was created.


Our next stop after the Mirabal Museum was Mercado Modelo. Mercado Modelo is a small community filled with different clothing stores and restaurants. In our visit to Mercado Modelo, we were able to experience the daily life of citizens in a community trying to make money and provide for their family. Also, we were able to purchase souvenirs. Our day ended with a trip to the Agora Mall in Santo Domingo. We had our last meal in the DR here. It was bittersweet.


Once we arrived back to the hotel, it was time to pack and prepare for our flight back home. My stay in the Dominican Republic has been priceless. I have gained appreciation for the little things. I’ve learned to take nothing for granted. And most of all, I’ve learned this is a big world. There is so much more for me to see. I really enjoyed myself in the DR and ready to take everything I learned back home to make a change in my community. To the Dominican Republic, HASTA LUEGO!

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