Rebecca and Elizabeth Williams need your Help with Books For Bonding!

Usher’s New Look Detroit college students, Rebecca and Elizabeth Williams, just launched their website for their new nonprofit, Books For Bonding, and could really use your help! Books For Bonding will be empowering children in Kenya and Detroit through reading (read the full story here). They are in need of donations to help cover the costs of starting their first nonprofit at such a young age.

Elizabeth told New Look, “The donations will be used in the aiding of the cost of sending books, the storage price and the cost of the entire operation. If you are interested in donating, please visit our website Your donation is secured through PayPal and it will help us move further in ‘changing lives one book at a time.’ Our goal is raising $6,000 for sending books, $3500 office supplies, $8,000 for a office space for a year and a storage unit year for $1,000. We need $18,500 in total as a start cost to get off our feet as young non profit.”

books for bonding