Representing UNL at the Helen Bader Foundation Event by Milwaukee MIT, Jakayla Dills

Jakayla Dills is a sophomore MIT at Tuskegee University and has been involved in New Look’s Milwaukee Chapter since 2009 when she was in 9th grade.

I was honored to be apart of the Helen Bader Foundation event that took place in Milwaukee last week. This event provided a platform for all the greatness that is happening in Milwaukee, and informed others in Milwaukee what Usher’s New Look  has to offer youth. I was joined by another peer of mine, Ammon Lyle, who is a rising sophomore at Howard University. It is amazing to see how New Look has transformed both of us into something greater than we could imagine. To know we are both in college, continuing our education, and continuing to inform and give back to our community with New Look is a humbling feeling. New Look has truly trained and given me the tools to walk into a room with confidence, speak in front of an audience, and network at social business events. The most rewarding feeling was to know there were people interested in hearing my story and transformation throughout the years I have been involved with New Look. I want to thank New Look for the support you guys provide me, I truly appreciate it! I will continue to do my best to make you guys proud.

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