Saturday at the Atlanta Academy: Motivational Minutes with Natrina Roper, Clinton Foundation, and Monique Larue, Youth Empowerment Coach

Saturday was a busy day at the Atlanta Academy,  full of lots of sage advice! The youth heard from two fantastic speakers,  Natrina Roper, Director of the Internship Program for the Clinton Foundation, and motivational youth empowerment coach, Monique Larue.  Natrina, a first generation college student, shared the story of her journey from high school, studying sociology in college and graduate school, to landing her current job in New York with President Clinton’s foundation. She offered advice on how to study in high school so that you will be prepared for college and how to decide on a college major based on your passions. Her biggest words of advice to the youth were, “Have mentors; They help you through everything.”

Next, the youth heard from Monique, who discussed the art of communicating to build critical connections. The students practiced body language and how to speak professionally. She then walked us through her powerful list of The 7 Mindsets All Youth Need To Have. We think these are mindsets everyone should have!


  • 1) Everything is Possible
  • 2) Passion First
  • 3) We are all connected
  • 4) Be 100% accountable for where you want to be
  • 5) Attitude of Gratitude
  • 6) Live to Give
  • 7) The time is now!

In New Look tradition, Natrina and Monique were given code names by the youth at the end of the session. Thank you New Atlanta and MoKnowledge for donating your time and inspiring words to New Look this weekend! We appreciate you!