Saturday at the Atlanta Academy with Guest Speaker Torrei Hart

The word of the day on Saturday was Responsibility. Our session was centered around the youth finding their marketing mix, and working on learning how to use their pitch to market their personal brand.

We started off by brainstorming specific ways in which the youth can promote their personal brands in their schools and communities. Then, we got a chance to check out how Usher markets himself by watching and analyzing his Ucast Episode 3. “Creating, building, maintaining a brand is what it’s all about at the end of the day, and you have to have all these components in position in order to be successful at it,” Usher passionately stated before showing the behind scenes process of how he marketed his album ‘Here I Stand’.

In this video we saw how Usher embraced his responsibility of maintaining his brand. This is something I really wanted this to resonate with group.

Next, we identified the different marketing opportunities Usher had participated in and why was each unique and necessary for the launch of his new album. We dug a little bit deeper and began to identify target demographics of each opportunity and how each opportunity led Usher to achieve his desired outcome.

2014-Atlanta Academy-Torrei Hart Presentation

After this discussion, we put the brand pitching into action! We grouped the youth in pairs of two, and each student was given an index card with a product on it. The catch was that the products they were pitching would usually be considered undesirable, but their job was to try and sell it to their partner. However, they were not allowed to name the product and could only pitch it by describing the “benefits” and “appeal” to their partner.

We wrapped up the session with guest speaker Torrei Hart, a business woman, Sketch Comedy producer and writer. She spoke to the youth about the art of viral brand marketing through social media, much needed advice in the digital world we are living in. Torrei also broke the youth into small groups to work on 30 second sketches, which allowed the youth a chance to break out of their shells and learn leadership in a team setting. The students performed their skits for a panel of New Look judges, and at the end Torrei’s Team Hart took the cake!I cautioned the students to not lose themselves in the pitch. You have to be convincing, yet always present yourself fairly and accurately, and with integrity. After the youth realized this was not easy to do, we broke the products down by creating a marketing strategy for each item based upon the four P’s of marketing (Produce, Price, Place & Promotion). Finally, we used these same principles to develop strategies for marketing each of our talents.