#StartTheSpark 101 with UNL President, Yvette Cook!

On Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2015, we will be announcing one of our BIGGEST projects yet! The only two hints we can give you is that it has to do with “Spark” and we’re going to need you to help us #StartTheSpark. Get more clues about what “Start the Spark” means below in this interview with our President, Yvette Cook!

How do you define spark?

“I define my spark at the thing that lights me up inside.  It’s my purpose and my passion all wrapped up together.  The thing that I can do all day long and never get tired of.  The thing that I think of doing when I have free time.”

How would you describe your spark?

“I have more than one.  The biggest spark for me is serving.  Helping people in need, sharing and giving my time, talents and treasures to make someone else’s life better.  Being a bridge for others.  Then there’s cooking and interior design.  I enjoy using my artistic and creative talents to create food masterpieces and table settings.  It  brings me great joy to watch people enjoy my creations.”

How did you discover your spark?

“I come from a family of volunteers.  I started so young, that I thought it was what everybody did. As a family, we served in our own community, through church, and wherever there was a need.  I was also a girl scout from kindergarten through high school, and so much of what you do as a girl scout is centered around leadership and serving.  When I was 12, I started creating my own service projects.  I wanted to spend all my free time at a nursing home, or soup kitchen, or food bank, or children’s home.  I credit my amazing parents who demonstrated to my brother and I from a very early age what it means to serve and how acts of kindness are essential to being a human being.

I started cooking at age 6.  My great aunt was a caterer and my father, a former cook in the army, often helped with the catering.  Both of them influenced my love for cooking. Interior design, well, I love art.  I’ve painted (mostly acrylic)  and sculpted (mostly clay) as a hobby since I was a teenager.  Lessons from art classes have helped me transform those skills into interior design.  I love to create and make things look nice.”


Stay tuned tomorrow on social media for the big announcement!