SunTrust and UNL SPARK Economic & Youth Development

SunTrust Sponsors UNL Powered by Service Trainings for 400 Atlanta Youth

SunTrust is SPARKING our future leaders again! In June, SunTrust teamed up with Usher’s New Look to sponsor three Powered by Service Leadership Trainings for 500 students in Washington, D.C. Now, they’ve joined us again, this time to ignite the futures of 400 Atlanta Public School students.

UNL’s Powered by Service Program is a four to six hour leadership training for middle and high school students that uses a relevant peer-to-peer delivery style, combined with an emphasis on technology and culture to make education, career, leadership and service more appealing and attainable to teens. Students complete an official SPARK assessment in order to identify their natural talent or passion, and then the potential career possibilities associated with it. The training helps youth tap into their unique potential to use their SPARK to leave a positive mark on the world. Each student who completes UNL’s Powered by Service training receives a Local Leadership Certification backed by Emory Goizueta Business School.

This week, SunTrust will host an additional two-days of Powered by Service Leadership trainings for 400 Atlanta Public School students. Monday 3/14, UNL and SunTrust will train 200 students at Therrell High School, followed by another 200 on Tuesday 3/15 at the New Schools at Carver.

The partnership with SunTrust and their staff volunteers has been a tremendous success. It’s unique in that it has allowed UNL to apply deeper components of financial literacy to the existing Powered by Service Leadership curriculum and provide more information to support students on their journey to adult life. Students who receive a SunTrust sponsored Powered by Service training get to learn directly from SunTrust’s executives and employees about financial planning, as it relates to college and opening up doors of opportunity for their futures.

Thanks SunTrust for believing that the first step in “starting a spark” for economic development is igniting and empowering our next generation of global youth leaders!