Meet Dynasty! Hey! I’m Dynasty aka Duck Dynasty (UNL code name). I joined New Look in 2013 with my twin sister, Diamond, when representatives visited our middle school, Northpoint in Highland Park, MI. Through New Look, I found my SPARK to be business management, but I love also accounting. Before New Look Throughout my life, my family […]

  Meet Destiny! I started going to the New Look program in the beginning of ninth grade. My spark is acting. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved being on stage. When I was in plays, I felt like I could escape and go into my own little world and be me for […]

Have you heard about ‘The New Look Effect’? Have you felt it? Get to know the powerful impact UNL is having on youth through the eyes of Atlanta 11th grader, DenisèAnn Shields! Meet DenisèAnn! I first joined the Usher’s New Look family in October of 2014, and my “spark” is entertainment. I do anything from dancing, singing, acting to playing […]

Usher’s New Look: When and how did you discover New Look? What is your first New Look memory? Helena: I am a senior in high school at Therell HS in Atlanta, GA. I was first introduced to Usher’s New Look when I was in the eighth grade. My school counselor suggested I join the program because […]

Zhane Simpkins just graduated from Tri Cities High School in Atlanta and finished up her last year in the UNL Atlanta Leadership Academy. This August 2015 she starts her freshman year at Columbia University in Chicago! Read below to learn about the effect New Look’s programs have had on her life. 1) Meet Zhane! Hey Zhane! So how did you […]

Myla Chapman is a senior member of the New Look Detroit Leadership Academy. She says New Look has had a tremendous effect on her life. Listen to her share her story in the video below!  

Rayshawn Carson joined New Look in 2005 when he was 15. Today he is 24, pursuing his talent of singing, acting, and preaching through a career as a full-time minister in Atlanta, GA! Meet Rayshawn! My chorus teacher informed me about New Look back in 2005! The day she shared the New Look organization with me was […]

Keiondra is a member of our Atlanta Leadership Academy. She is a Junior in High School at K.I.P.P Atlanta Collegiate. Here are #5Looks at her experience in New Look’s programs! Meet Keiondra! I met Usher around Christmas 2012 when I was admitted into the hospital from complications of my Sickle Cell Disease and he did a gingerbread house with me. […]

Timberlery Williams joined New Look in 2012. Today she is in the 11th grade at the Osborn Collegiate Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology in Detroit, Michigan. Meet Timberlery! “I first discovered Usher’s New Look through BuildOn, which is a nonprofit organization at my school that empowers young people to transform their neighborhoods and the world […]

Zhane Simpkins is a member of our Atlanta Leadership Academy and just started her SENIOR year at Tri-Cities High School for Performing Arts in Atlanta! Find out more about Zhane’s New Look program experience in this interview below! 1) Meet Zhane! Hey Zhane! So how did you end up joining New Look? What’s your first New […]

Melvin Taylor just started his New Look journey and his first year of high school in Atlanta! He is fresh to our programs and eager to learn how to achieve his goal of becoming a Chef when he grows up. Get to know him below! When and how did you discover New Look? Last year, when […]

Brandon Hamilton started his New Look journey in 2005. On December 17, 2014, he graduated from college at Georgia State University. Check out his blog below on his experience in our programs: What is your first New Look memory? My first time being a part of Usher’s New Look was participating in New Look back when it was just […]

Tommy first got involved with New Look by attending New Look’s 2 week camp in 2006. That’s where he discovered his spark for video and photography! Today Tommy is about to graduate from the Art Institute of Atlanta. This past summer he completed his second internship with Cartoon Network and just recently became New Look’s […]

Meet Terez!  Hi my name is Terez Chapman and I am a freshman at Georgia College! I joined New Look my freshman year of high school and I hadn’t the slightest idea of just how deeply I’d be invested with New Look today. My spark is writing, poetry, and public speaking. Sharing my spark with my peers […]

Malia Murray joined UNL in 2005 by registering for Camp New Look in Atlanta the summer before she entered 9th grade. Today she is a graduate of the University of Georgia pursuing a career as a Social Media Director. My Story: My first New Look memory was registering for camp in 2005 at Clark Atlanta […]