“My goal is to keep doubling this number until The New Look Effect can be felt around the world.” -Usher Raymond IV Huffington Post August 4, 2015 Usher wants to improve high school dropout rates across the globe. The singer launched “Usher’s New Look” program with his mother, Jonetta Patton, in 1999 to increase high school graduation […]

Dear New Look Nation,You know the saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’? Well, the village is on fire and we need YOUR help to build it back up. This Thursday, November 13th, can you help us meet our Georgia Gives Day goal and ultimately help more youth become #BIGGERTHAN their circumstances?Each year, 1.3 million U.S. students […]

A Report from America’s Promise Alliance and its Center for Promise at Tufts University with support from TargetRelease Date:  05/20/14 Introduction The past decade has seen impressive growth in and commitment to helping more students graduate, fueled in part by a growing body of research on barriers. What has been missing from the current research, […]

Mark Galbo is the founder of the Rock & Roll Academy. On Wednesday, November 11th Mark provided helpful insights on new and emerging curriculum when he participated in New Look’s panel discussion, led by UNL President Shawn Wilson, at the National Dropout Conference in Atlanta. “I just had the honor of sharing the stage with Shawn Wilson, […]