Want to make a change in the world? Invest in the next generation! On July 12th, Usher’s New Look gathered over 100 potential investors for the first-ever sneak peek of the UNL Spark Center, a new career and entrepreneurship incubator coming to Atlanta, GA, where underserved high school and college students will become disruptive innovators who follow their passions, or […]

From The Gwinnett Daily Post By Katie Morris 12/16/14 “Thanks to modern technology such as social media, bullying no longer means just being hassled in the school hallways or embarassed in the lunchroom. It can also mean being mocked on Instagram or criticized on Twitter, which raises the question: How can students stand up to cyberbullying? That […]

Mark Galbo is the founder of the Rock & Roll Academy. On Wednesday, November 11th Mark provided helpful insights on new and emerging curriculum when he participated in New Look’s panel discussion, led by UNL President Shawn Wilson, at the National Dropout Conference in Atlanta. “I just had the honor of sharing the stage with Shawn Wilson, […]