Clay HS seniors party to benefit children’s hospital By Joel Porter, WNDU “Seniors party outside Clay High School in South Bend with proceeds benefiting Memorial Hospital. South Bend seniors will be graduating later this week. And many of them normally try to pull pranks during the final days of class. But one school is encouraging […]

17 year old high schooler, Andrew Jin, is this week’s honorary New Looker! What he’s achieved is #BIGGERTHAN and Powered by Service! Check it out below. Way to go, Andrew! We see you. By Ariel Schwartz, via Fast Company March 24, 2015 “Like plenty of science-oriented high school kids, Andrew Jin is interested in human […]

While he’s not a member of Usher’s New Look, 11 year old, Samuel Love, is Powered by Service! Check out this story below from The Huffington Post by Dominique Mosbergen 11/10/2014 “He’s an 11-year-old with a heart of gold. For the third year in a row, Samuel Love, a fifth-grader from Chicago, is hosting an ambitious toy drive […]