At New Look, we connect our students with the best mentors in the business. We call them our network of spark-starters; Personal brand-ambassadors. These are the people who invest in our students and guide them towards the career field of their choice. James Andrews is one of these people. A former record executive, turned social media/culture/tech […]

The Winner’s Circle (TWC) is a professional organization from Atlanta consisting of a dynamic group of young people who excel as leaders in the professional world, have an established brand of excellence, and who work to serve and to inspire the next generation. Their mission is to create opportunities for tomorrow’s generation by focusing on leadership development, […]

Last week, our partner, Accenture, offered Detroit UNL youth a day of skill building activities. Fifty-five Accenture Staff and UNL youth participated in team building activities, like a Marble Challenge Competition, and one-on-one mentoring. Youth learned presentation skills and honed in on their creativity during activities and of course, UNL Expressions (Expressions is a New […]