The New York Leadership Academy is back in session! In Brooklyn, 75 high school students gathered for orientation from schools, City Polytechnic High, Susan S. McKinney, Park Slope and Opportunity Charter. The students heard from a wide array of motivational guest speakers who spoke on each of New Look’s four pillars, Talent, Education, Career, and Service: […]

The UNL New York Leadership Academy is off to a great start after an epic orientation in Brooklyn! This was the first session for UNL’s new New York Program Coordinator, Shanice Clarke, a former intern for Usher’s New Look and Get Schooled! Jeremy Dominguez, a member of UNL since 2010 when he was a freshman in high school, took […]

This week, Usher’s New Look Detroit welcomed 50 new and returning students for an orientation kick off at Osborn High School! The students came from schools all over the Detroit Metro area including Osborn Oprep, Osborn Evergreen, Cass Tech, Cody High and Martin Luther King. Keeping with our peer-to-peer mode, Moguls in Training, Ciarah Lee and Sequoia […]

Last week, we launched our first ever in-school Leadership Academy model at Meadowcreek High School in Norcross, GA. We kicked off the Academy launch by inviting new students and parents to an inspiring orientation night at the school. These 9th through 12th grade students entered the program through two Powered by Service trainings at the end […]

New Look  recently welcomed several first-year students to the Milwaukee Leadership Academy from Golda Mier High School and Milwaukee High School of the Arts. These New Look newbies started off their first year of the program with an introduction to our Four Pillars: Talent, Education, Career, and Service. All students began by identifying their talent, or as […]

The Milwaukee orientation last week was exciting for our brand-new New Look students, as well as past students. The speakers for the evening gave great insight on the four pillars of New look–Talent, Education, Career and Service. Chris Crane, Gospel and R&B artist, producer and song writer, spoke on Talent and Career. Next, Dominique Smith […]

Last Saturday at Emory University, New Look Atlanta welcomed 45 new members to the Freshmen Leadership Academy class and kicked off the new school year with an orientation that provided students and parents with a taste of all that New Look has to offer. UNL’s Chief Operations Officer, Gavin McGuire, opened the day with a powerful speech about […]

 On Saturday, Detroit kicked off the school year with New Look orientation for the forty-five NEW members of the 9th grade Leadership Academy class and a welcome back for all returning Detroit New Look youth! A huge thank you to New Look partner, Ford, for providing the orientation location, the Ford Resource Center in Southwest Detroit. […]