Twenty-three rising 10th through 12th grade students went on a college tour visiting Auburn University and Tuskegee University last month. The trip was the first time the Atlanta chapter of the organization had an out-of-state trip. It was also the first time many of the students visited any college. “Aside from it being a good […]

Usher’s New Look students have some exciting plans ahead of them, which is why they stay grinding towards their education and career pathways, even outside of the school year! Watch this video to see how they are exemplifying the four pillars, TALENT, EDUCATION, CAREER, and SERVICE.  

  New Look is all about the hustle! Landing your dream job takes determination and lots of hard work along the way. Our UNL Atlanta youth are up to some pretty impressive things this summer! Check out what some of them will be doing around the four pillars of TALENT, EDUCATION, CAREER, & SERVICE. “I just graduated […]