Meet Your 2016 Valedictorian, Taylor Dalton!

Taylor Kathleen Dalton is officially the valedictorian of her senior class at Maynard Jackson HS! She has been accepted to Georgia Tech and will start there full-time in Fall 2016. Technically she will begin as a Junior, thanks to her dual enrollment credits from attending Atlanta Metropolitan State College and Georgia Tech as a high school student for college credit. Her major will be industrial engineering.

2016-Taylor Dalton Valedictorian Story (4)Taylor Dalton is the youngest of two children. Growing up, she dreamed of going to college like her parents. She aspired to use her knowledge in order to better herself, her family, and her community. Every year, Taylor would volunteer with Hands on Atlanta by helping to clean up her school and neighborhood. During the course of her childhood, Taylor learned a lot about herself, like the fact that she enjoyed building things, working with technology and finding the most efficient and easiest way to do tasks. Through Usher’s New Look, Taylor discovered that she could actually apply these talents and skills in an innovative way. During her sophomore year of high school, she created her own web design business called Dalton Design (D2). She has remained number one in her class since freshman year. Due to her success, she became Maynard Jackson High School’s only Governor’s Honors Finalist in 2014.

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