UNL Announces 2016 Commitments in White House Next Generation HS Summit


Usher’s New Look has been selected as an organization that will be highlighted in the White House’s Next Generation High School Summit. Tune in Tuesday 11/10/15 at 9am EST for the live stream. Tune into social throughout the live webcast by following hashtag #NextGenHS. We will be announcing our 2016 commitments to making high school graduation and college acceptance more attainable for all students. Click to read the official FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces More than $375 Million in Public and Private Support for Next-Generation High Schools  OR check out our excerpt below:

Usher ’s New Look (UNL) will train engage 5,000 students in grades 9-12 in the UNL in-school leadership academy model, which includes Music Industry Leadership 101, leadership elective courses, and afterschool programming. UNL plans to host youth development “Pop Up” workshops focused on helping students identify their talents and interests, and explore career options. The goal is to serve at least 1,000 students (10 cities, 100 students in each).

OCTOBER 21, 2015


Summary: This November, the administration will host the Next Gen High School Summit, a national conversation on transforming high schools to better serve all students.

High School is a critical time when we rapidly mature towards adulthood, learn the key skills that prepare us for college and our career, and if given the opportunity, develop a much deeper understanding of the community and world around us. When high schools are designed for the 21st century, they are a springboard into opportunity. And in today’s innovation economy, with rapid growth in high-wage fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the role of high schools is more important than ever.

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