UNL Atlanta Senior, Terez Chapman, Writes Education Essay

New Look Atlanta Senior, Terez Chapman’s, talent is writing. She recently published an essay for WyzAnt.com’s $10,000 college scholarship contest.  The writing topic was, ‘Describe one way in which your education has empowered you.’ Read Terez’s incredible response below!

My Academic Excellence, I Heal with Pages

Everyone in my household has various roles to play.

My mother is the mediator, caretaker of her children, and activity planner. My stepfather purchases groceries, is the family chef, and often maintains the cleanliness of the home. Even my little sister has a hand in attempting to maintain a clean house. But me? What are my roles aside from dabbling in those already mentioned? I am the studious high school student who is also enrolled in college courses, worker, designated dishwasher and vacuum and my mother sometimes regards me as the technician when she needs assistance.

I have watched and nurtured my brain to build on its ability to retain and understand information. Knowing that I am becoming a better student because of my school and my own self-education, I am empowered.

My education means that I will surely make a difference in this world for the better. To me, it means knowing how to set a goal, accomplish it and move on to what is next. It is satisfying for me to see that my brain capacity is infinite and can take on any task. My work ethic is constantly improving because I am always learning something new. I can transport myself into the worlds of books and adapt desired vocabulary into my own. I demonstrate academic excellence with a 22 ACT and from a 1430 to a 1570 SAT score. With the accumulation of assisting my peers, helping myself and asking for assistance, I know that my education will put me where I need to be and will allow me to have many other roles in society. Because of the role I play as the student, I am empowered because of my education.