UNL Atlanta Youth Leaders Celebrate MLK Day with Selma Screening and Discussion

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, our Atlanta students gathered to see the movie Selma. After the movie, they marched back to the UNL office across Atlanta’s 17th Street Bridge to symbolize the civil rights leaders’ march across Pettus Bridge. Once at the office, the youth participated in a powerful dialogue about the film led by New Look volunteer and  Neal Taylor . Neal went around the room and had every student share their opinion of the film. Check out the video and quotes below to hear some of our youth’s thoughts on the film. It’s great to hear young people with such strong opinions!

  • “Though we may study it in history and class all the time, we never actually experience it first hand. We never expereinced what they go through… We never actually get to experience the striving and struggling they went through to have us be here today.” -Que J. Brown, High School Senior
  • “My mom, she told me, I want you to go see that movie so you can see how this generation takes life for granted right now. We’re going around killing our own kind. Young people are too worried about what the next shoe is coming out. We don’t take the time to think about what Martin Luther King did to help us get to where we are today… It kind of made me angry to see how these people have been treated.” -Andreis Williams, High School Sophomore
  • “I thought about it and they fought for us to be able to get an education and be able to vote, but none of us who are eligible to do it…We never really do it. People take this stuff for granted.” -Jerica Williams, High School Sophomore