UNL College Student, Myles Harlan, Creates ‘H A R M O N Y’ Video for Oboe Performance

There is no one quite like UNL Mogul in Training, Myles Harlan. When he joined the New Look Detroit Leadership Academy in 9th grade, he was shy and got teased about his “SPARK” for playing the oboe. Being a member of Usher’s New Look made him comfortable with it by giving him a group of supportive peers and opportunities to perform. We showed him that he could make anything cool, if he put his own unique spin on it. He just had to own it. Fast forward 7 years, and now Myles is a Junior in College at Vanderbilt University, where he studies oboe performance. He uses his unique combination of culture and experiences to make his delivery unique. His presentation is pure artistry.

Friday April 8th, Myles will be performing one of his biggest recitals yet: H A R M O N Y, A Musical Evening with Myles-Amir, 7pm, Choral Hall, Vanderbilt Blair School of Music. All are welcome.

Even if you can’t attend, you can still Support Myles by watching his video below and subscribing to his YouTube channel.